As a con­duc­tor, Matthew Cham­ber­lain turns scores into vivid real­i­ties. Hav­ing stud­ied with Peter Eötvös, Jean-Philippe Wurtz, and Tim Weiss, he finds flam­boy­ant expres­sive­ness through a keen tech­ni­cal clarity.

Recent Performances

  • June 3rd 2019 | Buffalo, New York

    The Slee Sinfonietta

    • Matthew Cham­ber­lain, Sci­ence Fic­tion Music
    • Stephen Hartke, Ship of State
    • Rolf Wallin, Under City Skin
  • June 5th 2018 | Buffalo, NY

    The Slee Sinfonietta

    • Works by June in Buf­fa­lo stu­dent composers
  • June 4th 2018 | Buffalo, NY

    The Slee Sinfonietta

    • John Har­bi­son, Mirabai Songs
    • Louis Karchin, Four Songs on Poems of Sea­mus Heaney
    • Louis Karchin, The Gods of Winter
  • February 2nd 2018 | Oberlin, OH

    The Ober­lin Opera Theater

    • Du Yun, Angel’s Bone
  • October 24th 2017 | Buffalo, NY

    The Slee Sinfonietta

    • Benard Rands, Folk Songs
    • Bernard Rands, now again” — frag­ments from Sappho
  • (see cur­ricu­lum vitae for more)